Our Story

August 26, 2019

We’ve been pledging our allegiance to the East Coast for decades.  It began in 2001 in the Green Mountains where Geoff McDonald and Chris James met attending University of Vermont.  In college we began collabing on producing annual Meathead Films ski movies throughout the Northeastern US and the Canadian Maritimes.  We traveled a lot while creating the films during the next decade and it felt like we saw almost every mountain and city along the way.

Halfway through our movie making journey, in 2005, we made a sticker and a t-shirt that said, simply, “Ski The East.”  This phrase grew into a mantra and rallying call for the sport in our region.  We built it into a brand and began creating custom clothing for skiers.  We're still operating today and have been grateful for the tremendous support of the eastern ski community.

Now Eastward is the culmination of everything we have learned.  Through trial and error and a ton of testing, we are creating sustainably-made lifestyle apparel built to weather anything the East can throw at it.

The Eastward brand combines innovative fabrics, practical functionality, ethically and environmentally-friendly manufacturing, and most importantly, clothing design with a sense of place.

We know the way