Spot Check: Harper's Ferry

September 18, 2020

5 Things to Know


Population: under 300 people but this place plays an outsized role in both history and the current outdoor recreation scene.


1859: an abolitionist, John Brown, and a small group of followers attempted a raid to capture weapons and arm slaves in a southern revolt. This event was seen by many as a precursor to the Civil War.


The town is the unofficial halfway point on the famed 2,190 mile Appalachian Trail and home to the guardians of it: The Appalachian Trail Conservancy.


At dusk, you may be lucky and see a Virginia Big-Eared Bat, an endangered species with only 20,000 individuals remaining.


Besides the AT, there's tons of other hiking in the area like Split Rock Overlook, a 6 mile roundtrip hike with awesome views of the town and rivers.

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