Appalachian Trail Ambassador 2019

Thanks to @chrisbennettphoto for photos


We're on the hunt for an awesome Southbound Appalachian Trail Thru Hiker who can be an ambassador for Eastward throughout their journey during summer/autumn 2019. It that you?


The Appalachians are the backbone of Eastern North America, the rock solid spine that connects us North to South. What better way to showcase this region than to follow your journey as you complete this world-famous trail in your own unique style. You'll be hiking SOBO (southbound) from Katahdin, Maine towards your ultimate goal: Springer Mountain, Georgia... 2,190 breathtaking miles away.

$1,000 Cash

Sure, you can be frugal living in the woods and on the trail for months at a time. But it ain't free! We'll give you some coin to fund your incredible endeavor. $250 to start and more along the way as you progress south so you can use the funds as you stop in trail towns during the hike.

Share The Journey

Our goal is to share your story with the Eastward community. Send us photos and videos (when you have cell service) along the trail. They don't need to be fancy but an eye for good imagery helps. We'll compile them together and post all the beauty and struggles you encounter along the route. Need an extra battery pack? We'll pick that up for you.


Do you have an outgoing personality and significant hiking experience? Are you currently active on social media? We're looking for someone tough, responsible, and with an eye for taking decent pictures and videos outdoors.  

More Details...

How do i APPLY?

Click that link above and fill out a few questions on the form... we will contact you for a further interview if it seems like a good fit.


You'll need to carry a phone or camera to take pictures and videos that tell the story of your hike. Trail conditions, struggles with weather, people you meet, nature, landscapes, wildlife, trail towns, campsites, etc... Compile a about a dozen photos and a few videos each week and send them our way whenever you get cell service. Sending once or twice a week is plenty. We'll help edit for color and copy and use the media on our social media outlets.

Our goal is to showcase the beauty and struggles of hiking long distance through the Appalachians. From North to South our audience will get to experience the awe inspiring forests, mountains and people you encounter. Your eye for a good shot or unique perspective will help!

We'll give you an Eastward t-shirt and hat to wear when you are able to during the journey. Together the tee and hat weigh 7 ounces so it won't add too much to your pack.    

Do I have to be an awesome hiker?

Not necessarily, but hiking Southbound on the Appalachian Trail is no easy task. Experience is a plus but most important is your goal to finish the whole trail.

What if I don't Finish?

Bummer, but no worries. It happens to a lot of people, in fact only about 1 in 5 attempts are completed successfully. If you choose to leave the trail or are forced off, we just need an exit story.

is this an exclusive Ambassadorship?

Not at all. Seek out other sponsors to help support your trek. We just ask that there be no competing apparel sponsors.

Can I lose my Ambassadorship?

Uh... yeah. Don't do stupid things, be disrespectful to the environment, people, or communities along the way or otherwise humiliate yourself and/or Eastward. Be nice, be honest and hike onward!

When Will you make a Decision?

We will be picking an ambassador on May 31, 2019

We know the way