Know The Way

Know where you're from...

It’s a special place out here.  The East Coast of North America has fierce weather, vast wilderness, endless shoreline, storied history, and some of the biggest and best cities on the planet.  That’s why we call it home.

Here is where the U.S. and Canada were founded.  

Here is where we have gigantic hurricanes, massive blizzards, and the highest wind speed ever recorded.

Here is where the longest hiking-only footpath in the world winds through the oldest mountains on earth.

Here is where the coastline varies from serene tropical beaches to jagged rocks with 30 ft. tides.

Here is where the majority of Americans and Canadians live, work, and play.

However, it isn’t just the epic natural scope of this region that makes it unique.  It’s the people, the communities, and the culture.  We are a diverse group united in our ties to the mountains, valleys, lakes, and ocean.

Know where you're going...

We started Eastward to pay homage to this incredible region.  We are designing clothing built to withstand the full gamut of Eastern conditions: from 100˚ days on the coast, to -20˚ in the mountains, to the vast climate swings of living in a city every day.  If our gear can survive here, it can thrive anywhere.

Everything we make adheres to a portion of our environmental principles because we want to protect and preserve the region that we honor.  These guidelines assure that we are creating goods in the right way: made from sustainable materials in the highest quality possible so they can last long in to the future.  

Know where you're from.
Know where you're going.
Know The Way.


We know the way