Lifetime Guarantee

Eastward is dedicated to creating the best clothes on earth. That’s right. Every choice in fabric, measurement, stitching and detailing is done with careful attention to make sure that our products don’t just look and feel incredible, they’re also durable enough to last damn near forever.  

Ridiculously Happy

We stand behind our goods 100% and just want you to be ridiculously happy with your purchase. If you’re ever dissatisfied in anyway at anytime with our products you can return them for a replacement. If a refund is needed we can issue one for unworn and unused items up to 90 days after your purchase.  

Natural Aging

Before returning we only ask that you gauge the service the item has provided for you and if it was used in a manner as intended. Wear and tear on fabric is normal over many years and only adds to the authenticity and comfort of the garment. Oh the stories our clothes could tell… let them age with dignity and respect the realistic lifespan of natural fibers.

Durability for Earth

The Eastward Lifetime Guarantee is important to us not only because we genuinely want to stand behind what we make but also because the best way we can help our planet is to make things that will last you as long as possible. We are working hard everyday to continue improving and keep our promise to customers.

We know the way