We are humbled to work with manufacturers that allow us to make fully custom and small batch products.

Bestitch Knits
Tirupur, India
Employs 45 workers
Established 2004

Bestitch has been the key partner in helping us to launch our brand thanks to creating our shortsleeve and longsleeve tees.  They have allowed us to take our designs and sustainability to the next level with offering a fully custom cut-and-sew program, and being a Fair Trade Certified Factory company.  This certification ensures they are held to rigorous standards for being socially, environmentally, and economically responsible, which are guidelines we are very proud to be a part of.

CF Headwear
Carson, CA
Employs 30 workers
Established 1977

CF Headwear has provided us with the ability to create our first ever USA made hat.  After 3 rounds of prototypes, we dialed in 2 styles built from the ground up.  With CF's capabilities, we were able to source custom fabric from North Carolina and include many fine details that helped make the caps be truly different. 

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